John Ivarsson

Internet Entrepreneur

With me you can go from a blank paper to a full-scale digital business. I’ve combined internet with business in all shapes for ten years. Both with well known brands and by creating new ones. Its not the budget that matters – its the ambition and the way of doing it. With the right people.

I started my first e-commerce 2003 by selling ringtones to mobile phones. Since then I have been involved in numerous of web project, owned to many domains, started a few companies, worked at some agencies and had the chance to meet a lot of inspiring people.

I prefer the mindset of sustainable solutions, honesty and taking responsibility.

Account Director at @BBHStockholm
Co-owner of @mistervain and representing the brand @KJP in Scandinavia



selected references 2014

Arla Köket
Kanal 5 Play
Tolv Stockholm
Jönköping Tekniska Högskola
Star Club Poker
Sunny days

What I do

I work with brands that wants to be better.


Business developer

You can see me as a business developer. I love to see new possibilities and would love to share them with you. I worked with a lot of different companies over the years in b2b, b2c, retail, ecommerce, digital services etc.

Project Manager

Taking responsibility and lead a team to a specific goal is what I do for a living. When we set up the goal someone needs to take the lead to start the sometimes huge spaceship, thats me.



Work hard & be nice to people